Shoreline Restoration and Revitalization

Your shoreline should be the star of your property, not something you worry about. Talk to us about a retaining wall or a complete, and attractive, erosion control system to keep your investment safe. Transform battered, unusable shoreline into a focal point with a lakeside patio or water’s-edge garden. Finally achieve your waterfront dreams.

No Surprises

Familiar waters. Shoreline construction requires careful cooperation with regulatory agencies and the DEQ. We have navigated this…a lot…successfully. Without the right permits and permissions, your waterfront dreams will stay on paper. Let us help you get your project done

Smart Irrigation

Don’t max the well! While we’re transforming your shoreline, ask us about installing a pump irrigation system to draw straight from your lake or river. We do it all the time. Keep your landscape lush without tapping into your drinking water.