I am very impressed with Ryan McFarlan and the JP Landscaping team. They took a very uninspiring patio and surrounding grounds and sculpted it all into a very beautiful new patio and stone retaining walls. Ryan was extremely attentive to details and numerous questions during the process, from design, to quoting, to execution and final closing of permits and regulatory approvals. I found their crews hard working and conscientious about minimizing collateral damage to trees, plants, sprinklers and neighboring lawns. I added complexity to the project with engineering requirements and last minute decisions and changes to patio materials as things came together. Ryan and the JP Landscaping team handled these changes with grace and involved me in the decision process. I felt part of the process and am extremely pleased with the results of my investment. My neighbors have also loved the results! I give all the credit to Ryan and his extended team. I would recommend them any time.

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